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Room #1: Probus Signature Gallery

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  Butter Thin
Whitesburg, Ky, March 8, 1991.
This was once the rear corner of a one room school house, where my father-in-law first taught school. I believe that it was the last one remaining in the Letcher County. Sadly, it has since collapsed. The title refers to the graffiti, which states "I am the best, butter thin all the rest." That's quite a statement for such a humble place of learning.

Sligo, KY, June 22,1985.
I have previously entitled this image "The Scapegoat is Surrounded," probably during a weak moment. Since then, I have left the image untitled as it clearly stands on its own merits. This image conveys my interest in creating a spiritual environment rather than some psychobabble as the previous title implies.

Lexington, KY, 1982.
This is a special image for me, because of its location, the Lexington Cemetery. That cemetery played a central role in some of Meatyard's memorable photographs. Some people may ask why I have adopted his style. Its not until you view the countryside of Kentucky, that you gain an understanding of its deeply spiritual nature.

  In the Panacea Pantry
Falls of Rough, KY, August 26, 1986.
No alteration was made when setting up this image. The building was formally a general store located in Grayson Co., where anything could be found--from liniments to caskets!

Appliance Demons  Appliance Demons
Line Fork, KY, May 8, 1993.
I found this image in Line Fork, KY on a dirt road, where travel is best by 4-wheel drive pickup. It is difficult to locate abandoned houses in eastern Ky, because of the scarcity of flat land. No home lies dormant, so long as there's a good road leading to it.

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