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Room #2: Signature Gallery

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Revenge of the Halfwits  Revenge of the Halfwits
Oldham Co., KY, April 5, 1986.
A very complicated image requiring lots of reshooting. Using a medium format SLR, it was impossible to include the background and the image without revealing the position of the camera. The key was the placement of the mirror.

Opium Den  Opium Den
Bedford, KY, September 23, 1986

The Steerage  The Steerage
Sligo, KY, February 14, 1987.
Despite it's name, it bears no relationship to the concept of equivalence nor the content of a similarly named Alfred Stiegletz image. The corkscrew-like quality of the movement combined with the timber above led to the title. Although this is not the proper definition of a steerage, the word suggests a turnstile (with a little stretch of the imagination).

Marche  Petit Pas  Marche á Petit Pas
Ballardsville, KY, December 22, 1984.
I've included this piece as a representation of my earlier work. I have always been fascinated by old abandoned houses because of what people leave behind. The long exposures and blurred movement provide an ethereal representation of those former inhabitants.

Medusa with Child  Medusa with Child
Chestnut Grove, KY, July 4, 1983.
It's best that I not analyze this one, since it's been a long time since I produced it. I'm not sure of its origin or my state of mind at the time. Two things I recollect: a cold hard rain and an urgency to leave.

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