Room #3

Room #3: Landscapes and Portraits

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Pascal Fields  Pascal Fields
Whitesburg, KY, July 6, 1994.
From the series "Local Color". My wife's hometown of Whitesburg, Ky has been a rich source of material. This gas station and its attendant have been on the same corner for forty years, without much change.
Rose Holstein  Rose Holstein
Whitesburg, KY, July 6, 1994.
Anything made or produced in the US from the turn of the century to the present can be found in Rose's general store. Most items still have their original prices. When "Coal Miner's Daughter" was filmed in Letcher Co., her store provided some the early mining equipment used in the movie.
  Dock Cornett
Skyline, KY, December 3, 1994.
A descendent of Lilly Cornett, Dock still lives at the edge of his father's namesake, Lilly Cornett Woods. Though this virgin forest is maintained by the University of Eastern Kentucky, Dock watches over the forest as if it were his own.
Words Dreams and Visions  Words Dreams and Visions
Falls of Rough, KY, August 26, 1985.
This image comes from an old general store which sold everything from hardware and seed to pharmaceuticals and caskets. I found the doll head not far from the bookshelf where it was photographed.
Untitled #67  Untitled #67
Falls of Rough, KY, August 26, 1985.
I have never shown this image outside of this electronic portfolio. I am not sure why it has not resurfaced in any of my shows other than the routine editing process.
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