Room #4

Room #4: Landscapes and Interiors

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Untitled #74  Untitled #74
Lily Cornett Woods, Letcher Co. KY,May 8, 1993.
This is from a series of photos I have taken at Lilly Cornet Woods. It is Kentucky's only virgin forest. Hardwood forests abound in the eastern Kentucky region, but none is as striking as this roughly terrained area.
Paint dot  Paint Dot
Berheim Forrest, Clermont, KY, April 18, 1998.

Hospitality Suite  Hospitality Suite
Sligo, KY, June 22, 1983.
Another image that has never been exhibited due to editing. I spent several summers observing the decay of this home in Oldham Co. The decay uncovers images that weren't there from previous visits.
Lexington Train Station  Lexington Train Station
Lexington, KY, Spring 1982.
This is a very early image which I took during college graduation week. I think this one and several images that I have done during that time have helped to establish my photographic vision. I had just seen a Van Deren Coke exhibition in Lexington and was impressed by a photo taken at the Lexington train depot. I later found the same building abandoned and nearly condemned. The play of light and shadows was spectacular.
Cornfield 1   Cornfield #1
Lagrange, KY, August, 1996.

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