Room #7

Room #7: Icons and Artifacts

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I submit to you this mixed collection of iconic images.  For many years I have struggled with my own spirituality.  As a child and then an adolescent, too often it seemed there was a unidirectional dialogue from pulpit to pew.   An uneasy emptiness followed.  Throughout various points in my photographic career, I have captured this journey on film, sometimes iconic, sometimes in jest, and sometimes surreal.  As always, there is a certain artistic license, especially in these sensitive matters.

Phoenix Mountain  Phoenix Mountain.
Jackson, KY   November 3, 1990.

In the House of God 72KB JPEG  In the House of God
Chestnut Grove, KY   May 9, 1983.

Parisian Grave Site  Eucharist
Cemetery of Père Lachaise, Paris, France   April 1994.

Parisian Grave Site  Parisian Grave Site
Cemetery of Père Lachaise, Paris, France April 28, 1994. 

 Barnyard Billboard    Barnyard Billboard
Lexington, KY   May 1982.

Lazarus Dreams    Lazarus Dreams
Boston, MA, July 21, 1995.

Lucky Buddha    Lucky Buddha
Las Vegas, NV 5/01.

Gabriel’s Dream    Gabriel's Dream
Lockport, KY  July 14, 1990

The Final Blast    The Final Blast
Louisville, KY   June 2001.

Headlight Jesus    Headlight Jesus
Noelville, Ontario, Canada   June 26, 1991.

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