Room #8

Room #8: Icons and Artifacts

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Mile Marker  Mile Marker
Cumberland, KY   May 20, 1996

Remembrance--Roadside Gifts  Remembrance--Roadside Gifts
Oldham County, KY   Feburary 18, 1998. 
At the Cross  At the Cross
Jenkins, KY   October 1998. 
Handsome, Pretty, Handsome  Handsome, Pretty, Handsome
St. Pauls Cathedral, London, England  April 18, 1992. 
Rapture  Rapture
Marigot, St. Martin VI   Febuary 23, 1994. 
Voodoo You Do  Voodoo You Do
St. Georges, Grenada  March 1997. 
Societal Undertones #5  Societal Undertones #5
Boston, MA   July 21, 1995.   
The First Sign  The First Sign
Louisville, KY   October 28, 1992.
Fear and the Ugly Head Dance  The Prayer Tree
Louisville, KY, April 1993.
Fear and the Ugly Head Dance  Starlight, Star Bright
Sedona, AZ, March 12, 2002.
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