I have been photographing under the name of Probus for the past fifteen years. I am a self-taught with the exception of a few college courses. Since then, most of my training has been from the Ansel Adams books, and lots of trial and error.

          Black and white photography remains my primary medium. I use either medium or large format cameras set upon a tripod for long exposures. Such long exposures allow motion to be captured on film. The movements appear as blurred wisps which complement the abandoned surroundings of my photos.

          My major influences include Ralph Eugene Meatyard and Duane Michals. As you might guess, my work tends to be surreal and about the subconscious rather than actual events or places. More examples of my work can be found in the photo gallery.

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Probus Photos
John Gleason, Jr
Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center
1860 Mellwood Avenue, B246
Louisville, KY 40206
Phone # : 502-777-8201